Isaac Tucker
Partner, Design

Isaac loves meeting new people, seeing others enjoy their moment, and helping make it all happen. Heidi's right-hand man, he offers expertise in music selection and heavy lifting. He is constantly dreaming up new ideas and looking for ways to connect people in meaningful ways. With a background in music, catering, and marketing, Isaac knows how to put on a good show made specifically for you!


Heidi Tucker
Partner, Planner

Heidi loves the details, keeping things unique to you, local, and sustainable. Heidi has a B.S. in Marketing from Messiah College with a passion for entrepreneurship, small businesses, and events. She is decisive and can help you make all those big and little choices to get your event done. Throughout the process her focus remains on the reason behind the event-- the marriage beyond the wedding, the accomplishment behind the celebration, or the relationships between the family and friends gathering for the party.